Outside Unit Of AC Not Running? This Might Be The Reason!

One of the most common problems of any HVAC unit is when the outside unit of AC not running but inside is and most people think that this issue is serious enough to call a certified HVAC technician but more often than not, you can fix this issue yourself with just a few simple checks and replacing a few parts if necessary. Checking your main electrical panel and restarting the HVAC switch again can help you understand the root of the problem in a simpler way.

Outside Unit Of AC Not Running? This Might Be The Reason!

There are a few reasons because of which the outside unit of your AC might have issues running smoothly. You can troubleshoot this problem by following the simple steps below:

→ First, check if your indoor unit is running properly. If it is, then the problem you are looking to solve is that the outside ac unit not running but inside is.

→ Next, see if the thermostat of your HVAC is set to cool and then go to the outdoor unit to listen for the sound of the compressor.
Please keep in mind that the sound of the compressor can vary as per the brand of HVAC or the type of HVAC system you are using. It can be really quiet also so pay special attention to the sound.

→ If the compressor is running smoothly, then the “fan motor or the capacitor” is the problem. If it is not running at all, then test the contactor using a multimeter to see if the power is being delivered to the compressor efficiently.

→ Check the capacitor also using a multimeter and if it is working properly, then you need to replace the fan motor for the outside unit to function properly. Make sure that the multimeter you are using is properly calibrated and shows the correct results.

Another important step that you need to keep in mind is that the outside unit of your HVAC system must be clean of debris and leaves as these things can block the vents and harm your unit in the long run. This also puts extra load on the system and results in a high electricity bill. Most HVAC units also have a reset button which can be switched off and on again after a gap of few hours and it might help to solve the problem of outside ac unit not running but inside is.

So these are some of the ways in which you can repair your HVAC unit if the outdoor unit of AC not running or functioning properly due to some reason. A faulty outdoor HVAC unit can create huge problems if you are not repairing it in time. If the tips listed above don’t work and your unit is still malfunctioning, it is advisable to call a certified HVAC technician who can help you with the HVAC repair and can replace some parts if necessary.

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