Best Heating And Air Conditioning Trade Schools In United States Of America

When it comes to the HVAC field, it is very important to have the right certificate and training so that you can become a certified HVAC technician. There are many schools that offer such training but only a few make it to the list featuring the Best heating and air conditioning trade schools in the United States of America. They teach you the skills of an HVAC technician to match the real-world nature of the job. With a good training and practice, you can be confident enough to pursue your career in this high-paying field.

Since heating and ventilation is an evergreen field, it’s easy to understand why graduates of HVAC schools often have great careers with long-term stability. Indoor air quality and temperature control are vital to our health and modern lifestyles.

Making a career in HVAC is a sensible choice as people will always use air conditioners and heaters to maintain the temperatures inside their home and offices and these machines will always need maintenance and repairs. That means there are always homes and businesses that need the expertise of certified HVAC technicians graduated from heating and air conditioning trade schools.

HVAC training programs not only help you understand the nuances of the trade but also help you earn a significant amount of money. There are always new things to learn at heating and air conditioning trade schools and you’ll be taught to install and repair all types of HVAC systems. One day, you might be installing a heater with ductwork for heating a new home. Another day, you might be servicing an advanced air conditioning equipment. No two days are ever the same in this industry.

We have created a list of some of the Best heating and air conditioning trade schools in United States of America for you to start your new career in this field. Your future satisfaction is in your hands and you can make today your launching point into a trade that rewards you for your work. These HVAC schools are the best in terms of training and certification.

List of best heating and air conditioning trade schools in United States of America:

→ Altierus Career college and education – Michigan, Texas, Virginia, & Florida

→ Brightwood college and career institute – Pennsylvania & Michigan

→ Virginia college – Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana

Northwestern Technical Institute – Michigan

→ Lincoln Tech – New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas

→ UEI College – Arizona, California, Georgia

→ Pennco Tech – New Jersey, California

→ Florida Career College – Texas, Florida

→ Dorsey Schools – Michigan

→ Southern Technical College – Florida

→ Remington College – Ohio, Texas, Tennessee

→ Institute of Technology – Oregon, California

These HVAC schools teach you the fundamentals of HVAC and what you need to know as a technician at the beginner level. Ultimately, HVAC involves knowledge of at least the fundamentals of about five different trades competently, including electrical work, plumbing, sheet metal, welding, and pipefitting.

The basic curriculum of most of these schools includes the following subjects including classroom study and practical learning. Depending on the program, you can expect the syllabus to include subjects such as:

→ Electricity

→ Electric, gas, and oil heat

→ Heat pumps

→ Residential and light commercial air conditioning

→ Piping

→ Refrigeration

→ Basic electronics

→ Math

→ Soldering and brazing

Components of HVAC system

→ Venting and duct systems

→ Building codes and requirements

→ General HVAC theory

→ Thermostats

→ Airflow and indoor air quality

→ Heating fuels

→ Interpreting mechanical drawings and diagrams

→ Refrigerant types and refrigerant oils

→ Installation and service

→ Troubleshooting and problem solving

→ Safety precautions and practices

The HVAC industry is incredibly different than other trades. Most HVAC technicians start their careers in the housing and light commercial sectors and advance their way to bigger commercial projects. Promotions usually come in the form of higher salary or managerial positions. With advanced knowledge and the right mindset, new opportunities are offered in this field constantly.

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Commercial refrigeration, for instance, is an area of high demand that requires workers with a lot of patience and specialized skills. With the right guidance and schooling, HVAC technicians can also become an expert in areas such as solar-powered or geothermal heating and cooling, efficiency evaluations, retrofitting, system testing and balancing, or building operations with advanced computer controls. In addition, some technicians move into teaching, managing their own contracting businesses or HVAC sales and marketing.

Some of these schools even offer a bachelor’s degree in HVAC engineering technology. Such a degree could allow you to become an HVAC engineer or HVAC technologist and design new systems and controls for the manufacturing, commercial, institutional, or industrial sectors. (Do check out Why You Should Hire A Certified HVAC Technician For HVAC Repair)

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