Best Portable Fireplaces 2018 [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

Have you heard about portable fireplaces?

Modern homes come with many modern amenities but the comfort and coziness of a traditional fireplace is something all families love. While not all homes can accommodate a large permanent fireplace and dislike using a normal space heater, getting a portable electric fireplace for your home can fulfil your heating needs efficiently without occupying too much space or needing a high investment.

These portable fireplaces are standalone devices which can be taken from one room to another and come in many designs and décor options. If you want to buy the best portable fireplace online, we have compiled a list of six best fireplaces available in the market which will definitely suit your budget and styling preferences:

Portable Fireplaces Quick List

1. LifeSmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace

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Available in a burnished oak wooden finish, this electric fireplace comes with a remote control and emits 5100 BTUs of energy to heat spaces with area up to 1000 square feet. The fireplace emits natural-looking infrared heat and has a mantle too to display things. You can choose from up to 3 heat settings and can even just use the flame feature without the heat to make the fireplace look traditional. The model comes with a timer of 12 hours. The price of this fireplace is a reasonable as compared to its efficiency and heating capability.

  • The portable fireplace comes with an inbuilt timer to save energy.
  • The burnished oak wood finish makes it look exactly like a traditional fireplace.
  • There are three heat settings to choose from including an ECO mode.
  • The natural infrared heat is soft and is distributed evenly across the room.

  • Some users may find the heating a bit lesser than what they need.
  • The fireplace is a bit heavy to move around to a different room.

What we like about it
This infrared Quartz fireplace from Lifesmart is not only energy efficient but it also looks quite traditional and has a wooden finish with a mantle. The heat is also cozy and works well for smaller rooms.

2. Ameriwood Home Bruxton Simple Fireplace 

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With three colors to choose from, the Ameriwood portable electric fireplace is designed for smaller spaces as it can heat spaces up to 400 square feet in area. It is a good option to consider if you want to buy cheap fireplace online. It is fitted with a powerful heating element which provides both flame and heat effects in combination or individually also. The fireplace has a metal box insert and a white woodgrain finish. It is very easy to maintain this fireplace and it is shipped completely assembled so you do not have to assemble it at home. The price of this portable fireplace is affordable as compared to some of the other models.

  • There are three color options to choose from to match any home décor preferences.
  • The heating element of the fireplace is quite strong and heats up the room quickly.
  • You can use the flame feature and the heating feature individually or in combination.
  • The price of the fireplace is affordable.

  • The heater does not work well for bigger spaces.
  • The mantle surface can be a little hot to touch.

What we like about it:
The affordable price of this portable fireplace makes it a great investment for smaller rooms which have lower heating requirements. The color options available in this model allow you to match the fireplace to your existing room décor.

3. Best Choice Products Portable Free Standing Fireplace 

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With two heat settings, this electric fireplace comes with five levels of brightness and can be manually controlled. The unit comes fully assembled and has quite an affordable price as compared to its quality. In fact, it is one of the cheapest portable fireplace online you can find. The model does make some noise when the heating fan is switched on but the lighting effect is quite cozy and can be used without the heating element as well. The price of the fireplace is very affordable if you are looking for an efficient portable fireplace for your home.

  • The fireplace has multiple settings you can choose from in terms of heat and brightness.
  • The price of the fireplace is quite affordable as compared to other portable fireplaces.
  • The size of the fireplace is very compact and it fits small spaces very well.
  • The light graphics work well without the heating element too.

  • The fireplace is a bit fragile so it is advised to move it around carefully.
  • The heating fan makes a bit of a noise while operating.

What we like about it:
This is a very compact fireplace which is suitable for small and constricted spaces. It is quite affordable and has many different settings you can choose from to heat your room.

4. Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace 

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A bestseller when it comes to portable fireplaces, the Duraflame portable infrared quartz fireplace is a must-have if you can stretch your budget a little. It comes with a heater of 5200 BTU capacity and provides a 3-D flame effect which is unique when it comes to electric fireplace market.

The heat provided by the heater is comfortable as it does not dry out the air in the room and maintains the natural humidity levels. Another unique feature of this model is that it comes with an automatic shut-off feature in case of overheating. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat with which you can adjust the temperature. The price of the fireplace is high but you can get it at a great discount online.

  • The heating element of the fireplace is of good capacity and can work for all room sizes.
  • The 3-D flame technology is a very unique feature and gives the effect of real flames.
  • The heater keeps the indoor air comfortable and warm without drying it.
  • The automatic shut-off feature is a great addition for safety.

  • The price of this fireplace is quite high for budget-conscious people.
  • There is a little noise generated when the heater is in the on position.

What we like about it:
This portable fireplace is one of the most popular home heating devices you can buy as it offers so many advanced features with a beautiful flame display for visual element. The digital thermostat is also a great addition for control.

5. Regal Flame Portable Fireplace 

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If you are looking for a visually pleasing and elegant fireplace for your modern home, this model from Regal Flame not only looks quite sophisticated with its glass display but is also quite affordable. It is available in three style variants and is run by ethanol. The open flame of this fireplace burns ventless and does not leave any ash to clean afterwards. It can be used both indoor and outdoor and has a heating capacity of 3900 BTUs and is good for moderate spaces.

Depending on the climate, the flame of the fireplace lasts for 3-4 hours. The price of the fireplace is very affordable and the three style options make it easy to choose a model which matches your existing décor.

  • The price of the fireplace is quite affordable and its size is not very bulky.
  • It runs on bio-ethanol and the flames burn for quite some time without leaving any residue or ash.
  • The heater can be used both indoor and outdoor and it available in thee variants.
  • The heating element is quite strong and distributes heat evenly.

  • This portable fireplace does not consume electricity so you would need ethanol to fire the logs.
  • The flame burns for only 3-4 hours at maximum capacity.

What we like about it:
It is a great option to consider for its elegant design and ventless operation as this fireplace looks quite stylish and runs on bio ethanol. It does not leave any residue and can be used in any indoor or outdoor location depending on the requirement.

6. Homkom Freestanding Fireplace 

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If you are looking for a vintage looking small portable fireplace, this model from Homkom will fit your requirements as it looks very retro and is available in three color options to choose from. It provides a realistic flame effect and comes with two heat settings and an adjustable thermostat. A thermal auto shut-off switch is included for safety purposes and the fireplace is energy efficient as well. The copper-finish handles and the metal design makes this fireplace look very vintage and classy. The price of the model is reasonable.

  • The fireplace has a vintage design with copper-finish handles and a metal design.
  • The thermal switch makes this model safe and energy-efficient.
  • The visual flame element looks quite real and the heating can be adjusted with a thermostat.
  • The three colour options make it easy to match the fireplace to your décor.

  • You need to place the heater 5 inches away from other things so it cannot be placed in a corner.
  • The thermostat takes some time to adjust the temperature.

What we like about it:
This portable fireplace is good for homes with a vintage décor and it affordable as compared to its quality. The flames and the heating element work really efficiency and are safe to use for longer durations as well.

Portable Fireplace Buyer Guide:

Now that we have introduced you to the six best portable fireplaces available for heating your home, it is time to discuss some of the factors that must be considered while buying an electric fireplace. Before listing these factors, let us understand what a portable fireplace actually is.

What Is A Portable Fireplace?

Best Portable Fireplaces 2018

Best Portable Fireplaces 2018

A portable fireplace is a free-standing unit that offers you the cozy and comfortable heating effects of a traditional fireplace combined with modern functionality. It can be an electric portable fireplace or an ethanol fireplace but all these portable fireplaces do not leave any residue behind and can be taken from one room to another. These home heating devices work well indoors and are a boon for people who do not have space for a traditional fireplace which also demands more maintenance.

Factors that should be considered while buying a portable fireplace:

→ Heating element:

Make sure that the heating element of the fireplace model you are planning to buy has a heating element which is strong enough to heat the space you are planning to keep the heater in. Some fireplaces are suitable for small rooms as they have a lower heating capacity while some work well for larger spaces also.

→ Price:

You can get a good portable fireplace in price ranging from 65$ to 200$ depending on their heating capacity and design. Choose a model which fits your budget but do not go for very cheap models which can be unsafe for home use and can cause accidents. You can look online for some discounts to save some money.

→ Customer Reviews:

Read all the customer reviews of a product online before investing in it as you can get a genuine idea of the working of the product through these reviews. You can also share some of your concerns or experiences online and get reliable answers through these community forums.

→ Size & Dimensions

Check the size and dimensions of the product before you buy it to see if will with the room. Some fireplaces can be quite heavy and difficult to move across rooms so go for lightweight fireplaces which are easier to move.

→ Installation & Maintenance:

Most portable fireplaces come pre-assembled completely and just have to be used directly after fitting the leg elements. It is also easier to maintain some models than the others which demand frequent maintenance.
So this is our detailed compilation of some of the most popular portable fireplaces available in the market if you are looking for where to buy portable fireplace online. These fireplaces can be a great addition for your home and will keep you comfortable in the colder months. You can also use some of these models as a portable outdoor fireplace. These portable fireplace reviews will help you decide the right model for your home heating needs.
Do you use a portable fireplace for your home? Which is your favorite model?

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